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Welcome to Happy Vag By Corneliius

Luxury Pads & Organic Skincare


The Philosophy

Happy Vag By Corneliius is a small female-owned business that makes sustainable, organic and recyclable clothpads, panty liners and wetbags.
The values of the business are based upon the three main zero waste principles: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.
All the materials are carefully selected with consideration for the environment and health. These are also vegan and allergy tested. All products are handmade by Zafina, who started Happy Vag in her living room in the spring of 2017.
Zafina started Happy Vag in hopes of making the use of cloth pads mainstream, while creating unique products that meet all requirements for environmentally friendly production of materials without toxic substances that harm the body. Zafina's focus points in the development of the products are: quality, comfort, individuality, aesthetics, ecology and sustainability.



Why choose clothpads?

No discomfort
Some people get eczema or redness and itching from using disposable pads, due to the lack of breathability and / or the chemistry of disposable pads.

No Harmful Chemistry

The absorbent parts of a disposable pad are the same as those used in diapers for children. It is artificial and chemical, and you get a dose of these harmful chemicals into your body every time you put on a new fresh disposable pad. The products of Happy Vag do not contain any of such.

The Environmentally Friendly Choice

By choosing cloth pads, you spare nature from incredibly large amounts of waste (waste containing harmful chemicals). You thereby spare nature for both the chemistry that is in pads, as well as the chemicals used during the production of the many disposable pads.
The fabrics used by Happy Vag are manufactured with no harmful chemicals or finishes in controlled conditions in American textile mills.

Better absorbency

Some people find that cloth pads absorb the fluid better than disposable pads. At Happy Vag By Corneliius, you can have a pad custommade with an extra absorbent core in zorb if you bleed heavily.

Is it sustainable?

The answer is yes! In the course of 10 years, a woman spends approx. 3500 disposable pads, and cloth pads last  for 5 -10 years if you wash them correctly. There is a lot of money and resources saved.

How does it work?

Change and amount
Most people are covered with 10-15 daypads, and 5 nightpads for an entire period, with a wash in the middle of the period. Change approx. every 3 hours for heavy bleeding, and every 5 hours for medium bleeding. This is just a general experience and one should change as needed.

Storage and washing

All products can be washed at 60 degrees celsius. It is recommended to use a laundry bag to protect buttons and seams, in that way your pads last for many years. Between washes, the pads can be stored in a wetbag, or in a bucket of cold water in the bathroom. Flush your pads in cold water before putting them in the bag.

What is a wetbag?

A wetbag is a small, enclosed waterproof bag. At Happy Vag you get a top quality wetbag consisting of 2 layers; organic cotton on the outside and organic pul fabric on the inside. The bags are sealed with a ziplock. Wetbags are practical when you are on the go, to collect used pads and panty liners. Wetbags have a multi purpose due to the pul fabric that is organic and therefore also convenient for carrying fruits or snacks.



We ship worldwide with UPS.
Be aware that we are located in Scandinavia and there is different rules for shipping outside of EU.

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