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Soft freely

Get the feeling of bleeding freely with the menstrual panties from Happy Vag

With menstrual panties, your skin can breathe and you get the feeling that you can bleed freely
These briefs consist of 95% eco-tex cotton and 5% elastane.
An absorbent and waterproof piece of organic fabric is sewn into the panty
The fabric is also thin, so it feels like wearing regular panties
The panties absorb a lot of liquid quickly, and can be used for medium-heavy flow and incontinence.
The suction cup encapsulates the liquid and keeps you dry against the skin.
The suction piece is coated with silver ions that counteract odors and prevent breeding grounds for bacteria
You can advantageously wear the panties for a whole day without bleeding through
The suction cup is in organic cotton directly against your skin

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