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Happy Vag 
By Corneliius

Sustainable care products
Handmade in Denmark

Filosofien bag Happy Vag

Happy Vag by Cornelius is a Danish company that makes sustainable, organic diapers, accessories and natural care products.

All materials at Happy Vag are carefully selected with consideration for the environment and health, are organic and allergy tested. All products are handmade by Zafina, who started Happy Vag at home in her living room in the spring of 2017. Zafina started Happy Vag in the hope of making the use of cloth napkins mainstream, and at the same time creating some unique products that do not contain toxic substances that harm the body and the environment .

Zafina's focal points in its product development are; quality, comfort, individuality, aesthetics, ecology and sustainability.

At Happy Vag, you get luxurious, high-quality products, handmade in Denmark from the most innovative materials on the market.

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At Happy Vag, you get ultra-thin and breathable cloth diapers in high quality, handmade in Denmark from the most innovative materials on the market.

Do it yourself packages, patterns and sewing instructions

Create beautiful sustainable cloth napkins yourself

Do you want to sew fabric bindings and inserts? You will find both packages with cut fabrics, patterns and sewing instructions in the shop. All patterns are easy to follow and the sewing instructions are written so that even beginners at the machine can follow them

We sell our special fabrics by the metre, we make cuts down to 10 cm. .

Would you like to learn to sew?

We hold sewing courses & and Workshops for beginners, see upcoming events here


What do customers say?

The following statements are from customers and course participants who have participated in workshops.

I wash my panty liners at both 40 and 60 degrees and have also tumbled them a few times. They just last and my vag is so grateful and feels much better than when I use libresse. Haven't worn a book case since yours came in the mail🤘🏻


I love the bandages you made for me! I am surprised at how much they can absorb and they are so soft😍


Just finished the world's coolest, most enlightening and educational workshop!

It is one thing to learn and sew cloth bandages, wetbags and etc., but the science behind the choice of material is enormous. In this area, Zafina from Happy Vag By Cornelius is simply in a class of its own. The kind of quality-conscious and passionate designer you have to look for a long time!


I attended the workshop this afternoon, and I can recommend others to try 👍 it's a good and educational course and the teacher Zafina is both nice and skilled


I buy from Hos sweet Happy Vag By Corneliius .. Fantastic products both pads and panty liners and good service!


Your panties are so nice for my teen daughter 🙏🏼 Much better than the ones that can be bought in stores!


Kontakt os

Do you have questions or can't find what you're looking for? So finally write!

You can get guidance on which types of binders, inserts and materials suit your individual needs.

Happy Vag accepts special orders and sews bindings and inserts in desired dimensions and material composition.


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Tak for din indsendelse!



Happy Vag uses GLS for secure shipping of packages with a tracking number so you can follow your package.


All products are handmade in Denmark and made to order. The delivery time can therefore vary, if it is longer than 5 working days it will be stated when ordering. You receive your package in environmentally friendly & safe packaging. You can choose whether you want to pick up the package in a parcel shop near you, or home delivery.
We ship to all of Europe.
We ship with Post Nord to Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Norway.

Can I pick it up myself?
Inside the checkout in the shop, you can also choose collection at the address: Hostrupsgade 17C 1. tv 8600 Silkeborg

Return and refund
We will return goods if, contrary to expectations, you do not like the product. The item must be unused and in the same condition as on receipt. The item is sent at the buyer's expense to the above address, and we return the money.

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